Sunday, March 31, 2013

Silviculture Class Visits Bent Creek

The Silviculture class took its annual visit to Bent Creek Experimental Forest to get first hand exposure to Southern Appalachian upland hardwood silviculture practices. Bent Creek is part of the USFS Southern Research Station and encompasses 6,000 acres within Pisgah National Forest. The forest is located 20 minutes from campus and is one of several sites that are used by the Forestry Program as experiential classrooms for Forest Biology, Silviculture and Forest Management. During this visit, students were able to visualize several natural regeneration treatments including oak shelterwoods, clearcuts, group selections and single tree selections. Having access to these demonstration sites compliments traditional classroom learning and allows forestry students the opportunity to critically assess the challenges and successes of current forest management practices.

Professor Dave Ellum explains the relationship between canopy structure and oak advance regeneration in an oak shelterwood system

Students get a chance to relax before embarking for the annual Silviculture Cookout back at the Ellum Ranch

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