Monday, March 11, 2013

Native Grass Prescribed Burn

The Warren Wilson College Landscaping Crew invited the Forestry Crew and Garden Crew to participate in their annual native grass burn last week. The crews started at the plot located near the Fortune property on campus, burning only small areas at a time. The Forestry Crew was able to provide tools such as drip torches, fire rakes and brooms, and backpack water sprayers. Every crew member is a certified wildland firefighter. Prescribed burning can help free up nutrients in the soil and decaying plant material, improve plant growth and regeneration, and prevent wildfires.
  (Frank secret lights a row of grass with a drip torch)


(Forestry Crew members Julie and Frank use drip torches to light a back-fire)

 (Members of all 3 crews watch for stray embers)

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