Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Congrats to our December graduates!

The forestry crew bid farewell to six valued members who graduate as of December 2011. Each has shown an outstanding work ethic and will be missed greatly. Pictured: Kayla Meier, Sari Bellmer, Kira Santulli, Kelly Murphey, Donny LeVasseur, and Mike Jolly.

Project Holiday Tree

The last project of the semester was setting up the Holiday Tree for everyone to enjoy at the 2011 Winter Formal dance. Crew members obtained the 15-foot spruce near Christmas Tree Hill and bravely transported it across campus. Several more crew members spent the afternoon fortifying the stand that held it up. 

Solar Kiln...Mission Accomplished

Students worked over the summer and fall of 2011 to complete a new solar kiln that the forestry crew will use  for years to come. The kiln, the design of which was based off of the kiln built at Virginia Tech, will be used to dry lumber milled by the crew on campus. In the past, lumber produced by the crew was transported and dried using fossil fuels. Now, these non-renewable energy sources can be eliminated from the process. Funds for the kiln were generously provided through a gift from the Tavener Family Foundation.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

River Trail Repairs

The forestry crew at Warren Wilson College spent the Fall 2011 semester working in the Daisy Hill compartment on campus. Part of the management plan for the area included revitalizing the most popular trail on campus- the River Trail. Students on the crew spread gravel to even the trail out and to prevent water damage, and repaired/rebuilt existing bridges with oak milled on campus.