Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Caleb Hawkins Competes in the Stihl Regional Qualifier

Caleb Hawkins and Coach Shawn Swartz prepare for the Single Buck

Last Friday Caleb Hawkins and Coach Shawn Swartz traveled to the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA to compete in the Stihl Regional Qualifier. 

Caleb Hawkins prepares for Standing Block
Caleb put up great times at the event, besting all other competitors by a significant margin. However, although his times put him solidly in first place in every event, he hit his line in the Stock Saw resulting in a disqualification. 

Coach Shawn Swartz readies the crosscut for Single Buck
This resulted in a second place finish out of thirteen schools, missing an automatic bid to return to the National Championship for the second year in a row. However, he has been told he sits in a very good position to receive a wild card invitation. He intends to continue training until the invitations have been announced. 

Stihl's post-meet interview with Caleb Hawkins for ESPN

School Name
Contestant Name
Underhand Chop
Stock Saw
Standing Block
Single Buck
Total Points
NC State
Griffith Wilson
60.14 (12)
23.55 (7)
59.66 (12)
33.42 (12)
Warren Wilson College
Caleb Hawkins
43.18 (13)
DQ (0)
39.83 (13)
23.74 (13)
Stephen F. Austin
Ryan Assenheimer
116.13 (9)
18.27 (10)
114.46 (9)
57.52 (8)
Louisiana Tech
Isaac Moore
DNF (0)
18.64 (9)
100.22 (10)
45.81 (10)
University of Georgia
Robert Dangle
71.43 (11)
DQ (0)
91.3 (11)
63 (6)
Virginia Tech
Robey Coffey
DNF (0)
17.67 (12)
DNF (0)
37.3 (11)
University of Kentucky
Grant Kees
DNF (0)
17.64 (13)
DNF (0)
57.42 (9)
U of Arkanasa Monticello
William "Cody" Cormier
83.17 (10)
18.94 (8)
DNF (0)
88.49 (3)
University of Tennessee
Jacob Lansford
DNF (0)
17.88 (11)
DNF (0)
60.94 (7)
Alabama A&M
Andrew Lawhorn
DNF (0)
29.91 (6)
DNF (0)
DQ (0)
University of Florida
Stephan Barron
DNF (0)
DQ (0)
DNF (0)
69.41 (5)
Mississippi State
Jason Page
DNF (0)
DQ (0)
DNF (0)
85.16 (4)
Clemson University
Jesse Burdett
DNF (0)
DQ (0)
DNF (0)
103.25 (2)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Forestry Crew at Organic Growers School

For the seventh year Forest Manager Shawn Swartz served as the Forestry Track leader at the Organic Growers School on the campus of UNCA.

Presentations in the track included "A Landowner's Experience in Sustainable Forestry", "Growing and Marketing Ginseng and Goldenseal", "Keeping Your Forest Healthy", and "Wild Nuts". Wood-Mizer also gave demonstrations in sawing lumber throughout the weekend.

Seniors Rhys Brydon-Williams and Kelsey Myers moderated in the track while Dylan Bahoosh and Peter Arnold attended on scholarship.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Dr. Patrick Angel visits WWC Forestry Program

On February 26 Dr. Patrick Angel, senior forester and soil scientist in the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement for the U.S. Department of the Interior, visited the Warren Wilson Forestry Program. He began the day as a guest lecturer in Forest Director Dave Ellum's Forest Management class, explaining his work with the Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative using American chestnut and other tree species to restore mined lands to forest habitats capable of supporting increased biodiversity. He then spent some time talking with the Forestry Crew and took a tour of the woodlot operations. In the evening he presented a lecture to the campus community entitled “Hope for Appalachia: Returning Surface Mines to Healthy, Productive Forests”.