Monday, October 7, 2013

WWC Timbersports Third Place in Palmer Invitational

The Warren Wilson College Timbersports Team came in third at the 18th Annual Palmer Invitational. The event is usually at the Cradle of Forestry, but due to the government shutdown this year's meet took place at Haywood Community College. The team placements were as follows:
1 - Haywood CC
2- Penn State MA
3 - Warren Wilson College
4 - NC State
5 - Dabney Lancaster CC
6 - Montgomery CC
Hannah Billian and Morgan Martin in the Water Boil
The team was first place in Female Underhand Speed Chop, Water Boil, and Jack and Jill Crosscut.
Kim Conrads and Morgan Martin prepare for Jill and Jill Crosscut
The team took second place in Orienteering, Female Axe Throw, Female Bolt Split, and Jill and Jill Crosscut.
Caleb Hawkins competes in Male Stock Saw

The team finished third place in Dendrology, Female Pole Climb, and Male Stock Saw
Hannah Billian, Rhys Brydon-Williams, Frank Secret, and Morgan Martin in Quiz Bowl
A fourth place finish was taken by the team in Quiz Bowl, Male Axe Throw, Standing Block, and Single Buck.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

WWC Timbersports at Mountain Heritage Day

The Team Celebrates With Their Trophies

The Warren Wilson College Timbersports Team competed in chainsaw and crosscut events at Western Carolina University's Mountain Heritage Day last Saturday.

Frank Secret and Caleb Hawkins Compete in Crosscut
The team had a very impressive showing and earned a number of trophies and ribbons.

Kim Conrads Competes in Stock Saw
Additionally, Coach Shawn Swartz and team members Peter Simmons and Frank Secret had the honor and privilege of playing stickball with some members of the Cherokee Nation, and team member Rhys Brydon-Williams earned third place in the beard and mustache contest. 

Rhys Brydon-Williams With the Other Beard Contestants