Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fall Trail Work: Daisy Hill Loop and the Beefer Expressway

Fall 2012 saw the crew working hard to complete several projects, including a re-route of the Beefer Expressway and cutting the new Daisy Hill Loop Trail. The Farm Crew has used a trail on Daisy Hill to move cattle from the River Pasture to Stokes Pasture, and the re-route will make the path wider, cleaner, and less prone to erosion. The Daisy Hill Loop Trail can be accessed from the Daisy Hill road or from the top of River Pasture, and was completed earlier in the semester.

(Crew members Hannah
and Rhys scrape away the
duff layer)

 (Crew members Sarah and Nora put the
finishing touches on a section of trail)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fine food with good friends...

In May of 2012, the crew celebrated another productive year and said goodbye to three beloved crew members with a Sunday brunch. Held at the garden cabin on campus, the meal featured many products produced at Warren Wilson, including kale, chard, shiitakes, fresh eggs, and various edible flowers. Seniors were presented with their plaques, and Dylan Johnston was awarded the DBH plaque for extraordinary service to the crew.

Seniors Hayley Hoover, Dylan Johnston, and Emily Wilmers (class of 2012).