Monday, March 11, 2013

Horse Logging: A Joint Crew Effort

For the past three years, the horse crew and forestry crew have teamed up to pull logs from three different stands on campus; a group selection at Berea, a crown thinning on Daisy Hill, and a crown thinning on Jones Mountain. Horse crew volunteer Jim Price (who's been working at Warren Wilson for over a decade) has shared his expertise in horse logging with members of both crews.

 (Crew member Hannah Billian tends to equine crew members Doc and Dan)

(Hannah, Rhys Williams, and Mike Jolly ride the logging arch as Jim drives)

(Our devoted volunteer Jim)

(Forestry crew member Julie Larsen works with horse crew 
member Trey Jones to pull a log out of the woods)


  1. So glad to see Warren Wilson using the horses in the woods with a Jimmy Brown log arch. Please let us know if we may help in any way.
    Jason Rutledge

    1. Thanks Jason! We appreciate it, and glad you enjoyed the post.

      Shawn Swartz
      Forest Manager