Monday, December 2, 2013

Rolleo 2013

The Team
 On November 16 the Warren Wilson College Timbersports Team traveled to NC State to compete in the 2013 Rolleo Invitational.
Caleb competes in the Pole Fell
The team came in third place, only one point behind NC State and seven points behind winner Haywood Community College. The team was 4 points ahead of Virginia Tech and 21 points ahead of NC State Alumni.
Morgan Competes in Underhand Chop
Morgan Martin once again carried the team with a First Place finish in Female Axe Throw, Female Bow Saw, Jill and Jill Crosscut, and Female Underhand Chop. Morgan shared a First Place in Jack and Jill Crosscut with Caleb Hawkins, who also got a First Place in Stock Saw.
Sam Webber and Kim Conrads in Log Roll
The team received Second Place in Wood ID.
Kim Conrads in Bow Saw
The team received Third Place in Wildlife ID, Pole Fell, and Men's Underhand Chop.
Christopher in Axe Throw
The team received Fourth Place in Pole Classification, Male Axe Throw, Team Log Roll, and Male Crosscut.
Jameson Martinez and Caleb Hawkins in Jack and Jack Crosscut
The team came in Fifth Place in Dendrology and Male Bow Saw.
Rhys Brydon-Williams in Male Underhand Chop

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