Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Black Cohosh Medicinal Tincture

The WWC Forestry Crew is in the process of making their second FDA approved medicinal tincture made in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices. This year the chosen understory medicinal was black cohosh .
Hannah Billian with a black cohosh plant
Students harvest black cohosh rhizomes from the College Forest. The terminal bud was divided from the rhizome and replanted in the forest to ensure the plants will continue to thrive in the forest understory.
Joe Coleman dividing a black cohosh rhizome
Once the material was meticulously cleaned by the crew it was dried in an oven.
Hannah Billian leads the crew is cleaning the rhizomes
Next the dried material was brought to Blue Ridge Food Ventures, where the dried rhizomes were chopped and placed in jars along with distilled water and organic alcohol to tincture. The next step is to bottle the tincture.
Joe Coleman  and Hannah Billian prepare the tincture

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