Monday, April 8, 2013

Warren Wilson Timbersports Team Ties for 3rd at Tennessee Stud

The Warren Wilson College Timbersports team is on a roll this year. This Saturday saw them at the Tennessee Stud competition in Knoxville, proving once again that they are a force to be reckoned with. Student Caleb Hawkins won the distinction of being the official 'Tennessee Stud', having won the the most points out of all males at the meet. Wilson students took first place in arm wrestling, male stock saw, Jill/Jill crosscut, and male underhand speed chop, and tied for third place overall with West Virginia.

(Caleb Hawkins and Xenia Pantos Compete in the Jack and Jill Crosscut event)

Caleb Hawkins will be competing April 14th in the Mid-Atlantic Qualifier hosted by Haywood Community College. Good luck to him, and congrats to the hard-working members of the Timbersports Team!

 (The team with their trophies)

Warren Wilson College Standings                             
-1st place: Arm Wrestling                                               
-1st place: Male Stock Saw                                           
-1st place: Jill/Jill Crosscut                                             
-1st place: Male Underhand Speed Chop                       
-2nd place: Knife Throwing                                            
-2nd place: Female Stock Saw
-2nd place: Jack/Jill Crosscut
-2nd place: Female Underhand Speed Chop
-2nd place: Team Relay
-3rd place: Single Buck
-3rd place: Log Burling
-3rd place: Standing Block Chop

Overall Standings
1st Place: Tennessee (27 points)
2nd Place: Haywood (26 points)
3rd Place: WWC and West Virginia (22 points)
5th Place: Kentucky (20 points)
6th Place: Virginia Tech (15 points)

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