Friday, April 12, 2013

Forestry Crew Makes Black Cohosh Tincture

 (Hannah Billian, Frank Secret, Shawn Swartz, and Peter Simmons, 
about to perform the first step of the tincture-making process)

The crew has been perfecting their newest non-timber forest product: tincture made from the common understory medicinal herb black cohosh that grows in natural and cultivated plots on campus.  Senior crew member Hannah Billian worked on writing a set of Good Management Practices (GMP's) with information obtained from a class offered by the NC BioNetwork. The GMP's follow the Code of Federal Regulations required by the FDA for botanical dietary supplements. The tincture was produced in a two-step process at Blue Ridge Food Ventures, with the help of employee Chris Reedy.

Forestry students at Warren Wilson learn that herbal non-timber forest products are an important consideration in many forest ecosystems, particularly to small landowners. They provide an alternative means of income when logging is not an option, and are also ecologically valuable for wildlife, aesthetic value, and as indicator species.
(Chris Reedy explains part of the process to Pete)

 (Hannah displays tincture about to be pressed)
(Crewmembers Hannah, Liam, and Dylan work on pressing 
and bottling the tincture at Blue Ridge Food Ventures)

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