Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Forestry Crew Wins Softball Game!

Forestry Crew won the 16th annual softball game this past weekend, beating the Farm Crew 30-11. Forestry Crew led off batting, scoring one run to Farm's three in the first inning. The next several were close, until Forestry pulled ahead with four runs in the fourth inning, nine in the fifth, and six in the sixth. The Farm attempted a valiant comeback in the bottom of the ninth, scoring 5 runs, but came up short. This makes the winning record between both crews equal at 8 games apiece, but in the Chase/Shawn era, Forestry is ahead 4-2.

 Hannah Billian and Kelsey Myers wait for a turn at bat

Caleb, Dylan, Shawn, and Xenia form clever comebacks to Farm's heckling during the game

Frank Secret takes a practice swing at bat

 The final scoreboard

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