Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Service 2012

Community service is an integral part of the Triad at Warren Wilson College. Every semester, the forestry crew takes several service trips together in order to better understand what service means in the greater context of their education and adult lives. Service with environmental organizations helps students to utilize the skills they've obtained on the crew to help the community, while service in other areas (housing and homelessness, hunger, youth mentoring, etc.) helps them enhance their communication skills, which they will carry on in their professional careers.

(students Rhys Williams, Michael Willey, and Peter Simmons)

In 2012, the crew performed service with two main organizations: Homeward Bound Asheville (AHOPE), and the Southern Appalachians Highlands Conservancy (SAHC). At AHOPE, students helped clients at the front desk, organized storage space and donations, and cleaned up around the facility. A later trip also saw the crew pulling weeds and planting flowers and shrubs in front of the building.

In October, four crew members trekked out to Little Hump Mountain with the SAHC. They felled small hardwood trees near the top of the bald in order to help maintain the small grassland ecosystem that was being encroached upon.

 (students Rhys Williams, Julie Larsen, SAHC coordinator Chris Coxen and student Peter Simmons)

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